Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead should I book my classic wedding cars?

We recommend booking your wedding cars 6-12 months ahead, especially if your special day is planned during the peak wedding season. Booking your cars this early will help avoid any disappointment.

Why book my cars with Wheels To Weddings?

Although there are a number of car hire businesses out there, Wheels to Weddings is proud to be different for a number of reasons.We are fully licenced and accredited with Queensland transport, along with our cars and drivers. We own and operate all of our classic vehicles. We have sourced our vehicles from all over Australia and have restored them to a beautiful condition. We don’t share our fleet with other operators, and we meticulously maintain them in our own workshop facilities so they are reliable and fully serviced and available for you. We only specialise in weddings, special events and formals, and don’t offer any other transit or transport services. This means our entire fleet is reserved for these magical occasions. We employ and train all of our professional drivers. All our drivers and staff share our passion for the beautiful cars. You are welcome to visit our showroom to meet us and the cars. We’d love to help you select which cars would make your special day even more memorable.

What inclusions come as standard when we hire your classic wedding cars?

All our wedding car hire prices include a professional, fully trained, licensed and immaculately dressed chauffer, white silk ribbons for the bonnet, complimentary iced water, and an iced water/wine bucket.  All of our wedding cars also come with just-in-case equipment, including umbrellas, a bridal emergency kit to help with any unexpected moments on the day, a vehicle breakdown kit and a first aid kit. All cars (apart from the convertible) are air conditioned, and all have USB charging outlets and wireless bluetooth connectivity for music.

Do you apply Surcharges?

Wheels To Weddings showroom is located at Warana on the Sunshine Coast. A travel surcharge maybe applied if your travel location is outside our travel radius, to cover transit of our vehicle and driver.  Bookings made on Sundays and during Holidays may attract a surcharge.

What happens if a car breaks down or a driver is not available?

While we meticulously maintain and service all of our vehicles, an unexpected mechanical fault is still possible. That’s why we never fully book our fleet, and always keep a replacement car available. Should a vehicle fail a pre-start inspection for any reason, or experience any faults on the road, we will swiftly arrange this replacement vehicle to take over the remainder of the service. If there are any delays, we will be in touch with your nominated contact for the day to outline the new arrangements. If your booking has a continuation, we will send the replacement vehicle to the best next location to continue the service.

Our drivers are all highly dependable and reliable. If a driver should fall ill on the day of your booking, our on-call driver will be available to take over the service.  

How early or late should I plan my pickup and departure time?

Your Wheels to Weddings vehicle will arrive 5-10 minutes early, but we strongly advise that you allow a buffer of 15 minutes in your booking time. This buffer will help accommodate any unexpected delays. We advise against planning too many stops along the way, as this can cause delays that can easily compound.

Who should I nominate as my contact on the day?

To ensure the experience is as seamless and coordinated as possible, we ask that you nominate a contact who will be available via mobile. We will advise your contact when your car is on its way, and let them know of any unforeseen delays or changes. The person you nominate must be contactable during the booking period, and must be able to communicate with you, or make decisions on your behalf.

How late should I be to the ceremony?

Arriving a little late to your wedding ceremony is almost a tradition, but it can become awkward if you leave your guests waiting too long for your arrival. We recommend arriving no later than 7-10 minutes. If you’re running early, your chauffer will be more than happy to drive around so you can time your entrance perfectly!

What happens if I’m running late?

We understand that this day is all about you, and we’ll do everything we can to be flexible in all circumstances. If you are running late, we’ll endeavour to safely make up time along the route, and we do allow for an additional float of 15 minutes in all our bookings. If a longer delay happens, your driver will discuss possible options with you or your nominated contact. We always allow a gap between our bookings, so if unforeseen delays do happen, we’ll still be able to provide the best outcome possible.