Mark 8 Black

Picture yourself stepping out of a grand Mark 8. Built in 1958, these beautiful cars possess quintessential Jaguar flowing lines and a luxurious walnut and leather interior. Our air conditioned Mark 8's are midnight black with chrome detailing. With space to sit up to five guests, these cars offer absolute classic style.


Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars

Type & Model: Jaguar Mark 8-Full Sized Luxury Saloon

Built: Coventry, England

Years of Production:

Number built: 10,009

How many exist in Australia: Limited

Size and type of engine: 3781 cc

Horse Power: 220 hp

Top Speed: 184.1km/h

Carries: Driver plus 5 passengers

Colour of Car: Black

Luxury details:

  • Richly-appointed interior with walnut dash, doors and trimming, leather trim, insulation and carpet
  • Map and dash lights, ventilation controls and stylish instrumentation
  • Exterior has luxury paint colours with chrome over brass fittings
  • Jaguar radiator bonnet mascot, styled grille and features
  • Beautiful fog lights and head lights
  • Beautiful midnight black colour
  • Interior  rear passenger walnut tables

Standard Inclusions

  • White ribbons
  • Iced water and ice bucket
  • USB charging outlets
  • Umbrellas
  • Blue tooth connectivity for music
  • Emergency bridal kit
  • First aid kit
  • Breakdown kit
  • Current licenses and insurance
  • Fully trained and licensed chauffeur


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Additional Products

Red carpet


For that extra touch of glamour, there’s nothing quite like walking down a red carpet to your wedding venue. Step out in royal style and make your entrance something to remember. Add freeze-dried rose petals for your driver to scatter over the red carpet.

Custom Colour Bridal ribbons and tulle


A silk bridal ribbon adorning the bonnet of a wedding car is a beautiful and time-honoured tradition. Our ribbon and tulle option is available in Ivory, Gold, Pink, Blue, Red and Black. Or we can customise them to match your bridal party colours. We can also have your names embossed on the ribbons. Please let us know if you would like this option.

Floral Garlands


Decorate your wedding cars with a gorgeous garland of silk flowers. Placed on the rear and/or interior of the cars, these create stunning photo opportunities. Available in a range of standard colour mixes, or we can customise to your wedding theme.

Beverage Package


Our range of chilled non-alcoholic beverages will keep your bridal party refreshed during your photography session. Served in glasses by your driver, choose from sparkling water, juices, soft drinks and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. You’re welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Freeze-dried rose petals


Our biodegradable, freeze-dried rose petals add elegance and sophistication to your bridal entrance. They look spectacular either scattered over the red carpet, or thrown like confetti. Available in a range of single or mixed colours.

‘Just Married’ Chalkboard Sign


Make a statement after your ceremony by hiring our classic chalkboard-style ‘Just Married’ sign. Your driver will attach this magnetic sign to the rear of your bridal car as your ceremony ends, just in time for some fabulous photographs.

‘Just Married’ Floral Garland


This romantic-style ‘Just Married’ sign made of silk flowers will perfectly announce you as the happy couple! Attached to the rear of your bridal car as your ceremony ends, it’s available in a range of standard colours or we can customise to your wedding theme.

Engraved champagne flutes or whiskey tumblers


Add six high-quality champagne flutes or whiskey tumblers as the perfect keepsake for the bride and groom, and the ideal thank-you gift for your bridal party. Engraved with your personalised message, they can also be used during the photography session.

Key Rings


Our exclusively designed, platinum-standard key rings make a wonderful memento of the day, or a gift for the bridal party. Sold in pairs.

Customised Number Plate


Personalise a number plate with your names, message such as ‘JUST WED’. This, memorable accessory looks gorgeous in photos and makes a great talking point. The high-quality, attractive plate is yours forever. (No road use & affixed to front of vehicle only. 1 x per car)

Tin Cans


Tying tin cans to the back of a wedding car never goes out of fashion! This old-school tradition is loved the world over. Attached to the bumper of your wedding vehicle as your ceremony ends, they’ll look fantastic in your photographs. (Note: Can’t be used on roads)